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  • PROFESSIONAL - We've been providing translation and interpreting services since 2008 and our freelance staff are all appropriately vetted.
  • AFFORDABLE - We offer competitive rates, and any profit is put back into our charity to further our charitable goals. Reduced rates are available for our friends in the voluntary sector (or free if we're working with you on a project)
  • FAST- Almost all our translations are completed within 3 days, and a 1-day turnaround is often possible. For smaller jobs, we can often work to same-day turnaround.




How much is it?  It's what everyone wants to know.  The cost shown is the average cost for most translations we do.  Factors affecting price include language pairs, turnaround time, and media submitted.  For example, if you submit plain text copy in the preferred format, we have less work to do than if you submit a pdf of a booklet (see our tips download).   

Your price might be affected by other factors too; technical copy requiring an MA qualified member of a professional institute may cost a little more than an email translated by a bilingual experienced practitioner.   


£30-£40/hour, £250 full day

The price shown is the average figure charged across our interpreting work.  Factors which affect the cost are language pairs, availability of interpreters and skill level.  For example, finding someone able to interpret online in Albanian at a legal meeting is likely to cost more than someone who is working face to face in Polish at a community event.  There may be travel expenses payable. 

Importantly, we consider qualifications and professional memberships when we pay our interpreters. 


£10 per 5 minutes

We can look after audio transcriptions from and into the source language.  If you'd like us to provide a translation into English based on the source language, there is an additional per word translation charge. 

Translation &
Cross-cultural Advice

Hi T,

I just wanted to say good job and give you an update.

The gentleman concerned received my translated email (Thank you) this morning and responded soon after.
This is a fantastic result and it's all down to you.

Licensing, Sedgemoor District Council


Thank you so much for your speedy and comprehensive support
with enabling BAME groups to access the COVID Community
Champion network.

I barely had time to draw breath before meetings were arranged and documents were translated. I was
really impressed by your efficiency and professionalism.
HF, Spark


Diversity Voice works in and around Somerset, UK.  We champion intercultural understanding and provide support and services to help work towards equality for all. 

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