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Welcome to our resource library. It contains a growing collection of information and downloads to support you. 

Click on the icons below to navigate you to the correct information. 

Health Care 

Immigration Advice

Setting up home


Learning English

Domestic Abuse 

Hate Crime

Mental Health

Fire Safety

Feeding your family

Driving in the UK

Rights to work 


What is the Healthcare System in UK?
The United Kingdom has a national health service (NHS) with access based on clinical need, and not ability to pay. All individuals, irrespective of their nationality or immigration status, are eligible to access primary, emergency and compulsory psychiatric care, free of charge.
How your General Practice team can help you | NHS

What to expect after vaccinations:: info in multiple languages from UK Gov

Coming to the UK: info for migrants in multiple languages about routine vaccinations in the UK, from UK Gov

Routine vaccinations and your baby: translations in multiple languages from UK Gov

Preventing Diabetes; info in multiple languages from NHS Somerset

Immigration Advice

The UK has strict immigration laws which can be confusing. 

Find out more on the Government Website

Or use the links below for more specific information: 

The new points-based immigration system: for EU citizens

Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme

EUSS translated materials from UK Gov

UK Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Setting up Home

Navigating the process of setting up your home comes with lots of steps follow this link to see the bills you should be paying

For more specific information follow these links: 

In the UK, every home must have a TV licence if someone watches live TV.  You can buy a licence online here.

Recycling and rubbish collection in Somerset


Looking for ways to save money? Follow the below links to find out how: 

Energy advice in multiple languages

We are working with Wis£rMoney, who offer a community support service on money matters.


Domestic Abuse

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse there’s lots of Somerset Charities who are able to support you: 

Somerset Domestic Abuse 

The Nelson Trust 

Lighthouse Victim Care 


Read the Survivors Handbook: 

Women’s Aid: The Survivor’s Handbook in multiple languages

Hate Crime

SARI provides free and confidential support for anyone who is a victim of hate crime across Avon and Somerset.

Whether that’s based on race, faith, disability, sexual orientation, transgender identity, age, or sex. 

Translated information from SARI

Mental Health

If you or someone you know needs mental health support there’s lots of organisations ready to support you: 

Open Mental Health 

Mind in Somerset for Adults

Rehab 4 Addiction

Fire Safety

Read our Fire Safety Guidance documents. 


Feeding your Family

There’s lots of support available to help you to feed your family. 

Local Foodbanks

We know that anyone can reach a crisis point and we are here to help if this happens. We offer a Foodbank Voucher scheme, if you require support email [email protected]

The Local Pantry Network

A Local Pantry is a community-run project that buys or collects surplus food to prevent it going to waste, and then makes it available to their members for a weekly fee, normally £3.50 to £5.

As the food is ‘surplus’, due to a seasonal glut or change in branding for example, the Local Pantry does not know what it will be offered, so members will have a ‘mystery parcel’ each week.

The number of items varies and usually, but not always, includes fresh, chilled and ambient (tinned or dried) foods. A typical week could include fruit and vegetables, eggs, and dairy or non-dairy drinks, pasta, cereals, and tinned foods. There are sometimes ready meals and sweet treats.

The value of the food also varies but always exceeds the membership fee, sometimes considerably.

For more information go to the local pantry website. 


Driving in the UK

There’s lots of things to learn about driving in the UK. 

Follow the links to find out more:

Rules for licence holders from each country, from UK Gov

Learning to drive in the UK

About driving tests, from UK Gov

Rights to work

Are you unsure you’re being treated fairly at work? 

Workers’ Rights leaflets are available in 21 languages:

Albanian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese Czech, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Nepali, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian, Urdu and Welsh.

Please use the following link to access the leaflets.

 Workers’ Rights Leaflets – Translations – Languages – GLAA

The below link leads to resources pages which contain a number of useful resources created by the GLAA and other external agencies.  The resources help to explore the issues of employment, labour exploitation/modern slavery.

Resources- Videos – Leaflets – Labour exploitation – GLAA

Ukraine resources

The charity Hope for Justice has compiled a list of
important information for displaced people from Ukraine. This is a live document
and can be accessed via the link below:


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