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Our team champions intercultural understanding. We offer support and services to create equality for all.

Diversity Voice is a registered charity in Somerset. We champion intercultural understanding and provide support and services to prevent marginalisation and work towards equality for all.

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Мовна підтримка для українців

Якщо ви українець і прибуваєте до Сомерсету, Дайвьорсіті Войс може вам допомогти з безкоштовними послугами з перекладу на вашу мову, що э кардинальним поки ви звикаэте до життя в Великобританії та здобуваєте доступ до необхідних державних служб, таких як охорона здоров’я, пошук роботи, догляд за дітьми, освіта.
Ми також можемо запропонувати безкоштовні уроки англійської мови в громадах Сомерсету з кваліфікованими викладачами віч-на-віч або в режимі онлайн.
Найсвіжіша національна та місцева інформація доступна за зсилкою https://www.somerset.gov.uk/ukraine/

Language support for Ukrainians

If you are a Ukrainian arriving to Somerset, Diversity Voice can help with free interpreting and translation services. This is crucial while getting used to life in the UK. It will enable you to access essential public services, healthcare, finding work and childcare and education services.
We also offer free, face-to-face English lessons with qualified teachers.

For the latest national and local advice and information check https://www.somerset.gov.uk/ukraine/

What's New

EU Settlement Scheme

If you missed the deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme and don't know what to do, have a chat with one of our regulated advisers. We're a charity, so all our help is free.

Free course for parents

Free course (in Polish) for parents of children growing up bilingual - plus free resources pack.

Free English classes at Westfield Church

Free community English Classes in Bridgwater every Wednesday.

Translation and Interpreting

Professional, affordable and fast. Get in touch with our friendly team.


EAL support

Our dedicated EAL team works across Somerset in schools


Help For Parents

We work in schools in Somerset and also run courses for parents of Polish speaking students

Our Funders

Our projects are linked to our charitable objective of promoting intercultural integration and overcoming problems which lead to social marginalisation. We do this by providing support and services to create equality of opportunity and engender respect for all.

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