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We engage in a variety of work which helps people to overcome significant and complex difficulties, prevents marginalisation and  inspires intercultural understanding. We seek to create equality of opportunity for all.

To do this, we work closely with voluntary and statutory organisations, schools and early years settings, and provide direct support to individuals. 

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English Lessons
for all levels, delivered by qualified, experienced teachers

We run neighbourhood and workplace-based English lessons for all levels.  Our English Clubs are about much more than just learning English.  They're a great place to meet new people and get other help too. 
We welcome everyone to our social media learner club, where you'll find daily tips and chat, and online lessons. 

on social and welfare issues, and immigration

We offer home-language signposting and support to enable people to access to mainstream support services and to overcome complex and difficult barriers to enjoying life in the UK. We welcome partnerships with other voluntary sector organisations who would like to make their services accessible.  Our OISC-registered advisers provide immigration advice for Somerset residents applying to the EU Settlement Scheme, and we work with specialist lawyers on more complex cases. 

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EAL Support
in schools and early years settings

We work in Somerset's schools and early years settings to provide help to children who speak a different home languages, and offer interpreting for parents to enable them to help their children.  This service is booked by education providers, under a service agreement.   We can also offer online classes (bookable by schools only).  If you're a parent who needs some advice, please contact us.  There's more info for schools and early years providers here

to promote intercultural understanding

We organise and attend  events to share our vision and learn from others.  This includes community events, training and conferences.  Our happenings have moved online because of the pandemic, but we're really looking forward to business as usual as soon as possible! 

Challenges for Young People in Somerset's Diverse Communities, Dec 2020 (@1:50)

Young People in Somerset's Diverse Communities

In December, we took part in this webinar organised by Bridgwater Together.  Our interview with a young man from Poland who grew up in Somerset throws up some thought-provoking experiences. 
@ 1:50 min. 

Help if you've lost your job

We're working with Citizens' Advice to make all their great help available to speakers of other languages.   If you've lost your job, you'll find all kinds of help available to sort out your problems and  get back into work. 

It's not easy if English is not your first language, and but our multi-linguistic team can help.  Don't forget that if you're an EU citizen, you need to apply for EUSS status NOW! 

Info in other languages, and more details are here >>

Looking for our translated resources?  >>>


EUSS Support

Hello Karolina,

I just wanted to express how much I appreciate your support to solve my situation regarding my EU settlement application. I was not expecting this situation to be sorted as fast as you did.

JDA, EUSS Applicnt

Domestic Violence Support

 Thanks to Aneta, I obtained psychological support in the Opoka organization. She helped, or actually led me by the hand in dealing with the formalities related to obtaining Universal Credit. She always had time for me and attended meetings with me.    

Domestic Violence Survivor

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