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EAL and intercultural support

We've been working in Somerset's schools since 2015, and our team really understand the issues faced by those who come from our countries to make Somerset home.  

Our dedicated EAL team works across Somerset in schools and pre-schools to support parents, children and teaching staff. 

Some of our support is offered free at the point of service under a contract with Somerset Council.  


Joanna Szmaj is fantastic at her job and makes everyone feel at ease throughout the process of translating.
K.O. , Social Worker

Joanna has been a fantastic help through out working with this family. She has been on time, friendly, approachable and efficient throughout every meeting. 
L.W., Social Worker 

Monika was really helpful and supported the children well.
Little Discoveries Nursery


What we can help with

Our support contract is available for Polish speakers only under contract to Somerset County Council.  For other languages, schools and early years providers should first seek support from other preferred providers; in some cases, we are able to help if other language support is not available. 

The service is free at the point of delivery for early years providers, and chargeable to schools from EAL funding at £38 per hour.

Our bilingual support workers can help with:
- parent-teacher meetings
- parent liaison and info sharing
- overcoming cross-cultural barriers
- helping to assess a child's ability
- providing help on a child's first day at school
- in-class support to help a child integrate and gain confidence
- preparing children and parents for starting school or pre-school
- translating documents

This was the best experience. He
love so much. The teacher of his
school said to me that he
is like different child. BIG Thank
You for what you done for us. 
KC, parent

I just want to say big thank you
for a second lesson per week
with our great teacher. My son
very happy and always wait a
new lessons.
KK, parent

I would like to thank for my
children's online lessons. I
believe that now will be easier for
them to start learning at the
school. I hope that our
cooperation will continue in the
next academic year.
ES, Parent

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Schools and early years settings: Polish communication needs

- Just email linkworker with your booking request. 
- We'll usually email confirmation on the same day.  You can find out more about our great team here.

We can work face-to-face, or by telephone or e-conferencing with parents.  In most cases, we are available at very short notice for work which does not involve travel. 

Download Info Leaflet for Schools and Early Years Providers

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