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Resources > pandemic


Pandemic Helpline

Pandemic Helpline

Vaccine translation

COVID19 Vaccine Translations & Information

Basic information about getting the vaccination in Somerset 

NHS Videos about the vaccination
Multiple languages

Q and A flyers and posters with information from the NHS
Multiple languages

Information from the British Islamic Medical Association

Translations about the vaccine from Doctors of the World

Myths about COVID vaccinations – plain text translations in multiple languages.  True or false – test yourself!

Get free help from a local vaccination buddy.  Vax Buddies have received training from Somerset County Council and can inform but not give medical advice.
Vaccine Buddy appointments:
Poster in English, Polish, Portuguese.
Please note that this service is not run by Diversity Voice.  If you require help with language, please contact our team at [email protected].

Resource archive

Ask if you’d like other translations

We've archived other pandemic-related translations

As the country begins to return to ‘normal’, and because of frequent changes to advice, we’ve archived our other pandemic pages. The resource held a huge number of videos, flyers and links. If you’re looking for info on any topic in other languages, please get in touch with our team.

[email protected]

Resources > general

Abuse Resources
Domestic Abuse
Women’s Aid: The Survivor’s Handbook in multiple languages
Learning resources
Learning English

Diversity Voice Facebook Learner Club

Language Connect at Somerset Diverse Communities

Safety Resources

Fire Safety Guidance: Useful for home workers
Bulgarian       English
French           Polish
Portuguese    Romanian 
Russian          Spanish

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