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We couldn't do it without you

A big thank you to our funders

Our projects are linked to our charitable objective of promoting intercultural integration. We do this by providing support and services to create equality of opportunity and engender respect for all.

Our team works in partnership with Somerset's voluntary and statutory sectors to achieve our goals, which helps us learn, strengthen our delivery and avoid service duplication. We are grateful for the co-operation we receive from our friends in these sectors.

English club

Our English Club is a fantastic community resource where hundreds of people have found out about UK culture, learned English and found new friendships.  We also run a busy social media group for learners, with daily chat and tips. Our social learning platform and weekly lessons in Facebook Rooms add flexibility to this offering. This year over 50 people have registered for f2f classes, and 130 are in our social media learner group. 

EAL in schools and early years settings, interpreting
Across Somerset

We've been working with children and parents since 2015, and are regular visitors to Somerset's schools and early years settings. Through this service agreement we also provide interpreting services to Children's Social Care and other LA departments and support parents of children with English as a second language. 

Challenging assumptions, supporting our t&i work
Across Somerset

We were super excited to receive funding from Charlie, who understands the reasons that people migrate, and the challenges they face.  Our new project seeks to help overcome some of the stereotypes and assumptions people have about migrants, supports those who make Somerset home in the long term, and to promote intercultural understanding.  

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Events, welfare and social advice, immigration advice, English lessons
Within the HPC Impact area

This funding has been invaluable in helping us reach our charitable objectives.  This year we've run neighbourhood and workplace training for over 50 people, attended or delivered 6 events and provided first-language welfare and immigration help to hundreds of individuals and organisations.  This funding also enables us to offer a community translation and interpreting service for individuals and voluntary sector organisations we are working with. 

EU Settlement Scheme Transition Phase Strategy
Across Somerset

We have been providing  OISC-registered advice and support for applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme since October 2019, and recently partnered with county and district councils to help to mitigate the impact of the effect of the deadline for applications to the EUSS.  After June 2021, only applications from those with special circumstances will be possible.   . 

Representation in healthcare services
Across Somerset

We represent the interests of Somerset's migrant and other ethnic minority communities at the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, where we advise on cultural differences and help to overcome language barriers.  This also helps us to understand the services and support available locally.

Somerset Community Foundation

SCF manages funds on behalf of donors, and looks after some of our funding.  As specialists in the sector, they're able to help funders to make decisions which will have a positive impact.  SCF also supports beneficiaries. 

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Service Users

As well as the funding above, we receive smaller sums from the sale of translation and interpreting, workplace language courses and consultancy.   Profits support our core costs. 

Online EAL Support

I would like to say Big Thank You for let my son enjoy your English session through the summer. This was the best experience and he loved so much and he enjoyed so much. This gives him opportunity and responsibility what he really enjoyed.

He love so much session with Miss Joanna Szmaj, The teacher of his school said to me that he is like different child. 

KC, Parent

Welfare & Social Support

Karolina has helped many of us and not only those working on HPC.  She does settlement statuses for us, and helped many people in need during COVID-19 with filling out all the forms that we need to continue our functioning in these crazy times. 

There are older people among us who not only have a problem with the language, but also IT, and in any case we can count on Ms. Karolina.

PK, HPC Employee

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