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Children and Parents

Polish speaking families in Somerset

We work in  schools and pre-schools in Somerset to help develop language skills.  If we visit your child in class and you would like to talk to their support worker, please contact us at [email protected]. We are always happy to talk to parents.

We also run courses for parents of Polish speaking children to help you find out about the education system in the UK, and give you tips to help your child’s language development.

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Download our tips for parents of bilingual children

(Only available in Polish)

Tips from our senior support worker on helping language development in bilingual children.

If you have any worries about your child’s language skills, we are always happy to have a chat.

Download our info booklet if we are currently working with your child

We work with hundreds of children each year.  Find out more about our support service. (in Polish)

Download >>

Courses for parents of Polish speaking children in Somerset

We run courses each year covering topics such as the UK education system and language development in bilingual children.  You will get tips on how to help your child at home.  Parents who attend all 6 sessions receive a free box of learning resources.

Download in Polish >>

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