How to enrol for our English classes

About our classes

Diversity Voice offers community-based English language lessons. We welcome people of all nationalities. Our teachers are qualified and have specialist experience in delivering lessons in English as a second language. All are English native speakers.

Some of our teachers have worked or spent time in other countries, so they understand the difficulties you face. On our courses, you'll learn language skills as well as gain an understanding of English culture and tradition.


Although we don't teach to an exam syllabus, the content of your lessons is carefully planned to meet the needs of each class. We aim to provide you with practical language skills that will help you in your everyday life here in England.
We use a method called 'communicative language teaching', which focuses on learning functional language. An important aspect of the way we teach is that only English is used in the classroom, by both teacher and learners. Each course lasts 6 – 10 weeks and it's important that you attend the whole course.
We teach up to intermediate level and can give you Information on private, college and Skills and Learning providers, who offer lessons if you wish to progress further.


Once you have taken our assessment test, you are welcome to come along to our conversation groups accross Somerset. The project is led by a native Engli9sh speaker, however he/she is not a teacher of English, although learning is informal. It's important to be able to use English as well as know about English.
Please check section focused on Lingo Link under our projects.

How do I enrol?

  1. Enrol as a learner/student.
  2. Take your assessment test so we can place you in the correct class.
  3. Pay the course fee if this is necessary. Most courses are free of charge.

Lessons are scheduled in 6 -10 week blocks. You can join a course at the start of the next block. You need to be able to attend to the whole course. If you are taking part in a course, or waiting for a course to start, you can also join our conversation classes on a drop-in basis whenever you are available.
The classes are usually free however sometimes we require a small payment. We would like you to attend at least 75% of lessons. Whilst we understand that you may sometimes have other commitments; irregular attendance causes problems for both teacher and learners. Since we have a maximum of 10 learners in each class, non- attendance also means that your place could have been taken by another learner.

What should I bring to lessons?

Your course materials are free of charge. Simply bring a pen, paper and a smile! We suggest you buy a folder to keep your work in.

Help us to help you

For the benefit of other learners and your teacher, please arrive on time for your lessons. If you can't come, or are going to be late, please let your teacher know in advance. If this is not possible, you can email the office. Our teaching methods rely on your participation in classroom tasks. Please be supportive of your fellow learners and don't be shy about taking part!

If you are unable to attend ...
... please let us know in advance.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please e-mail to us your details Your name, surname town where you live, phone number and e-mail address. We will contact you  back if there is a course coming soon. 
tel: 01278423393


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